Chan Do Internet Success System Review - Developing A Plan for Internet Marketing

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The Internet marketing approach that works for one
business is not of necessity the proper strategy for
another. Each campaign depends on a exclusive ratio and
combination of customer demographics, services or products
offered, business objectives, capabilities reputation.
Our Internet marketing plan should be developed, tested,
implemented, analyzed and revisited every year or as the
business needs change and the Internet grows.

The following questions harden target audience
geographic locations. Businesses that be aware of their audience
can take insignificant steps in move backward – from the customer to
the sale – developing the perfect path headed for profits.

*What's the existing economic surroundings?
*What opportunities and obstacles does the business face?
*What business objectives are desired?
*What does the business sell?
*Who are the customers?
*How computer and Internet-suave are the customers now
and in one year?
*Why should customers buy the product or service with the
business as an alternative of its competitors?
*How is product or service communication managed with
*Who does what, when?
*How is progress and accomplishment measured (ROI, cost-per-lead,
*What internal trends are in the offing (sales volume monthly
and yearly, revenue, profits, traffic and conversion,
*Who competes?
*Who are current customers (segmentation, attitudes and behavior)?
*Who are customers a year from now?
*What are the circulation channels (direct and indirect)?
*What is each customer knowledge (scenarios help to envision
each step and expectation)?

While these are broad questions, each may be adapted to a variety of
industries and business models.

The Communications, Media & Technology Group (CMT) at Booz-Allen
and Hamilton, a leading International management and technology
consulting firm, conducted an industry analyze evaluating successful
e-business companies to determine the e-business impact on the
worldwide competitive landscape.

The companies analyzed include
Amazon, AOL, Yahoo, Dell and Hotmail. Results, published in
"Insights, Vol. 7, Issue 1" entitled Ten Success Factors in
e-Business, reveal that:

*92 percent of senior executives worldwide believe the
Internet will transform or have a major impact on the global

* 61 percent believed the Internet would facilitate achieving
strategic goals as technology offers opportunities for companies
to upgrade customer service, gain global reach and reduce costs.
30 percent said the Internet demands a complete business strategy
vary in order to align with war.

*Worldwide CEOs felt companies would be put on to restructure
as the Internet enables comprehensive enterprise (89 percent),
stimulates a more open and hands-on corporate customs (88 percent)
and encourages the transformation from conventional hierarchical
organization to networks of shifting teams.

The Internet's significance in today's business landscape is
undeniable. Consumer understanding of corporate online appearance
and marketing efforts grow more essential each day. To meet this
demand, however, the study concluded that many major corporations,
while aware of changes needing to take place within the organization,
struggled to follow-through with implementation. The key questions
they suggested recognized businesses demand themselves are:

*Which business segments should get highest priority for e-business?
*What are the biggest associated challenges and threats?
*Which business models are appropriate and do able?
*How should the new business be developed—out of the existing
organization or through a new, take apart body?
*Are the right people on board to do e-business?
*What partnerships and alliances are desired for a victorious
*What are the implications for business processes and IT
*Do we want to prevent, admit or foster the cannibalization of
our established business?

By analyzing major e-business establishments and their marketing model,
the study unveiled ten specialized criteria for success along the
customer life sequence in the new economy.

Seo Essential To Internet Business Success

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO for Melbourne internet businesses is essential for business success. It is important to understand how SEO works to realize that you will need to SEO experts to take your internet presence to the next level of success.

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo examine the web every second and minute of every single day to see what information is being placed on the web. Search engines find information and categorize it by keywords. Where do the keywords come from? Keywords are the words that internet browsers place in the search boxes to find the information that they need.

It is a grave misunderstanding to thing that all you need to do is list your business name out on the web and people will flock to your site. Only the people that know you already will look for you by name. The other countless thousands and millions look for information via keywords and key phrases that will pull up information on the subject they are looking to learn more about.

For example, look at a construction company. If people are looking for someone, or a business, to build something for them, they may use several different words to search for vendors. They may look up construction, construction companies, contractors, builders, designers, architects, etc... All these terms would be popular in terms of construction information. The more of the keywords or phrases that can be found on your website, the more chances you have at being found by service or product rather than name alone. It should be apparent just how much more traffic can be directed to your site.

SEO formulas for success are developed by experts in the field. They consider many factors such as density and timeliness of information. Density refers to how many times the keywords or phrases appear on the site. The greater the density the greater the chance is that your site will be seen as a credible source of information and list higher in the search results. Timeliness of information is another way to press your website farther up the search results. Stale information is the kiss of death on the internet. Search engines are always looking for new information and updates. Websites that want to be SEO leaders need to be updated consistently to stay current and on top.

Information today is highly fluid and changing and never static. A business listing bare information or name and address is simply not enough to bring traffic to your site. If your business information is listed on the 50th page of search results, you will never get noticed. You will also have a hard time surviving in business if you are missing out on millions of new customers on a daily basis. SEO experts in Melbourne can help you optimize your website. They do the research for you to determine density, timeliness, and who is search for what. You need to rely on them!

Pornography on the Internet "Internet Pornography: Freedom of Press or Dangerous Influence?"

The topic of pornography is controversial many times because of the various definitions which each have different contexts.  Is it nudity, sexual intercourse, art, or all of these?  Is it magazines, videos, or pictures?  For the purposes of this paper, pornography will be defined as any material that depicts erotic behavior and is intended to cause sexual excitement.  With all of the arguments presented in this paper, it seems only a vague definition of this type can be applicable to all views on the subject.  Pornography on the Internet has brought about difficulties pertaining to censorship.  All of the arguments in this paper can be divided into one of two categories: those whose aim is to allow for an uncensored Internet, and those who wish to completely eliminate pornography from the Internet all together.

All arguments for an uncensored Internet all cite the basic rights of free speech and press.  While arguments in this paper are international, almost everyone of them cites the First Amendment of the United States.  In many of the papers it is implied that the United States sets precedent for the rest of the world as far as laws governing the global world of the Internet.  Paul F.

Burton, an Information Science professor and researcher, gives many statistics showing that presence of pornography on the Internet is not necessarily a bad thing.  He gives one example that shows that "47% of the 11,000" most popular searches on the Internet are targeted to pornography.  This fact shows that pornography has given the Internet approximately half of its clientele (2).  Without this, the Internet would hardly be the global market that it is today.  Most on the Internet are not merely the for pornography either.  It is just a part-time activity while not attending to serious matters.

At another point in his paper, Burton cites reasons why the Internet is treated differently than other forms of media.  The privacy of accessibility is a factor that allows many people to explore pornography without the embarrassment of having to go to a store and buy it.  The fact that anybody, including children of unwatchful parents, may access the material.  However, Burton believes that these pornographic web sites must be treated the same way as pornographic magazines or videos.

One fear of many people is that children will happen across pornography, but as Burton writes in his paper, the odds of someone not looking pornography and finding it are "worse than 70,000:1" (Holderness in Burton 2).  Even if a child were to accidentally find an adult site, he or she would most likely see a "cover page" (See Figure 1).  These cover pages, found on approximately 70% of adult sites, all have a lot of law jargon that summed up says, "if you are not of age, leave." This cover page will not stop children in search of pornography because all that is required is a click on an "enter" button and one can access the site.  Adult verification systems, such as Adult Check and Adult Pass, have been very effective in governing access to these site, but with only 11% of adult sites having a verification of this nature, this system does not seem realistic.  Another method of controlling access is use of a credit card number to verify age.  This method opens many doors for criminals wishing to obtain these numbers for unlawful use.

According to Yaman Akdeniz, a Ph.D. researcher at the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Leeds, pornography is not as wide spread as some governments would have us believe.  With a total of 14,000 Usernet discussion groups (a place where messages are posted about specific topics), only 200 of them are sexually related.  Furthermore, approximately half are related to serious sexual topics, such as abuse or rape recovery groups.  Akdeniz also makes the point that "[t]he Internet is a complex, anarchich, and multi-national environment where old concepts of regulation...may not be easily applicable..." (15).

This makes a very interesting case about there general nature of the Internet.  It is the first electornic media source that is entirely global, and although some countries will and have tried to regulate it, there is no way to mesh what every country does to control the Internet.  Germany made an attempt at regulating the Internet within their country, however, the aim was not only to ban pornography but also to ban anti-Semitic newsgroups and web sites.  Prodigy, a global network server, helped the German government by blocking these Web sites.  When Prodigy was pressured by groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, Prodigy stopped blocking these Web site, and there was nothing Germany could do.

This just shows the "power" that the United States holds over the Internet.  Two reasons account for this "power."  First, 60% of all the information comes from the U.S., and secondly, the U.S. has set up most global laws and regulations.  Almost every article pertaining to the Internet freedom or censorship cites the U.S. and bases arguments on the First Amendment.  With this precedent setting responsibility, one must look at what is going on in the Supreme Court with regards to the Internet.

Peter H. Lewis, a reporter for the New York Times, has been covering the Computer Decency Act since passing of the law.  The Computer Decency Act, part of the Telecommunications Act,  was passed on February 8, 1996.  The main purpose of this section was to halt the "flow of pornography and other objectionable material on the Internet..." (1).  This section, however, was declared unconstitutional by a panel of the Supreme Court in June 1996.  This overturn caused an uproar among the anti-pornography groups in the United States. The case will be heard once again in June 1997 to ensure that there were First Amendment rights being violated.  Judge Stewart R Dalzell, a member of the Supreme Court panel, stated that, "Just as the strength of the Internet is chaos, so the strength of our liberty depends upon the chaos and cacophony of the unfettered speech the First Amendment protects." (Lewis, Judges 1).  According to Lewis' next article, no one will be prosecuted under the Internet section of this law until it is constitutionally determined.  So as of right now, there is no fear of prosecution for pornographers (Lewis, Federal 1)

Maria Semineno, a writer for PCWeek, reported on free speech advocates reations to the overturning of the CDA.  Jerry Berman, executive director for the Center for Democracy and Technology, stated that, "[i]t is very clear that Congress is not going to let this alone...."  Berman made this statement aluding to the make up of the Supreme Court and what will happen in June of 1997 when the decision is reevaluated.  It is argued that the Supreme Court is much divided on the subject of free speech, and therefore, the decision in 1997 will depend upon the panel presiding.  When the decision is made it will make one side of the debate triumphant, and the other fighting for their beliefs.

Those who view that pornography should be wiped off the Internet entirely site many different reasons.  One highly recognized group, the Family Research Council, has determined that pornography on the Internet is harmful to all individuals and concludes that the only way to stop this is to ban pornography, in all it's forms, on the Internet.  The FRC categorizes pornography as follows:

...images of soft-core nudity, hard-core sex acts, anal sex, bestiality &dominion, sado- masochism (including actual torture and mutilation, usually of women, for sexual pleasure), scatological acts (defecating and urinating, usually on women, for sexual pleasure), fetishes, and child pornography.  Additionally there is textual pornography including detailed stories of rape, mutilation, torture of women, sexual abuse of children, graphic incest, etc ("Computer" 1)

In addition to categorizing pornography, the FRC goes on to address questions pertaining to Internet pornography.  One question asked is, "IS THE ON-LINE COMMUNITY AGAINST PROPOSALS FOR "DECENCY" ON THE INTERNET?"  The answer provided was no and that of the 20 million people on the Internet (an out-dated figure), only 2 percent opposed censorship.  However, no citation for this figure was provided ("Computer" 2).

The FRC article then goes on to discuss the the main arguments against banning pornography.  The article poses the question of possible loss of works of art because of banning.  It goes on to cite the "official" definition by the Supreme Court of obscenity, that any object having artistic, educational, or moral value shall not be censored.  The article next discusses "technological fixes," such as SurfWatch and NetNanny,  that could possibly control pornography from in the home.  It gives three points against this method: children can use other computers, children know more about computers that most parents, and people who distribute pornography have no legal reasons not to target children with pornography ("Computer" 2).  Cathleen A. Cleaver, head of legal studies for the FRC, backed the Communications Deceny Act.  When  was overturned, she stated her concerns that not only was the broader sections of the law overturned, "...but also the part that made it illegal to transmit pornography directly to specific children." (Lewis 2).  With this section omitted, pornographers may lure children without fearing any repercussions from the law.  Although this is the FRC's main concern, they are still fighting for a total ban of pornography on the Internet.

Dr Victor B. Cline, a psychotherapist specializing in sexual addiction, argues that massive exposure, such as with the Internet, will cause irrepairalbe damage to society.  Cline states that pornography, for all intents and purposes, should be treated as a drug.  Cline has treated 350 people with this sexual illness and reports that, "[o]nce involved in pornographic materials, they kept coming back for more."  Cline suggests that with availability of pornography reaching these great proportions, that we can expect to see an increase in sexual deviance and sexual illness (Cline 4).

Cline next goes on to explain the steps an addict goes through to becoming a sexual deviant.  First the person becomes addicted.  Secondly, there is an "escalation" of the addiction in which the person becomes engulfed in pornography, even to the point of prefering masturbation to pornography over actual sexual contact.  Third, there is a process of "desensitization" which allows acceptance of horrific sexual acts as the norm.  Fourth is the "acting out sexually" phase in which a person no longer achieves the satisfaction from the pornography, and in turn, acts upon fantasies, usually based on pornography.  Cline's main concern is that with the ease of availability of this type of material, more examples of sexual addiction will occur, not only with adults, but also children will be able to "start out" at an early age (Cline 4-5).  This fear is substantiated with the number of pornographic sites with ease of accessibility.

With all sides of this issue having their separate reasons to either keep or ban pornography, each makes their case with facts.  Pornography is an issue that is difficult to take a side on.  People for pornography, or against censorship, state that there is no real reason for this ban.  They cite that with of the parental controls and attempts to keep pornography from children are good enough reasons to allow for pornography. However, anti-pornography groups argue that not enough is being done to keep pornography from children, and furthermore, that pornography affects adults just as much as it does children.  The issue of pornography is just as controversial as the abortion debate and very similar in many respects.  Both sides have strong feelings on what definitions are used, what is morally correct, and the causality of pornography.  There is no clear-cut answer, however, it is now up to the U.S. government to make a decision and set precedent for the rest of the world.

Trend Micro internet security- the best in security systems

Exchanging digital information is one thing that users today need to undertake as a significant part of their work schedule. Vendors in the current times are well aware of the reality that how security threats are paving issues and are hindering users from experiencing all this smoothly. Just to address such issues vendors are now coming up with improved security systems that can assure that the PC’s protection is completely taken care of without worrying about any loopholes or glitches. Trend Micro as a global leader is one such foremost internet security firm that offer users management solutions, which further help them in experiencing complete safety and peace of mind while exchanging digital info.

Trend Micro Internet Security system has now emerged as the leading server security service provider that has delivered clients the most technologically advanced solutions.

From ace server security to cloud based data protection to unsurpassed protection to top ranked clients, everything from this family is well liked and appreciated by users all over.

Users are now free from dilemmas like their computer getting infected while browsing the web or a slow computer that may result due to wrong installation of an antivirus system that is inapt. Also, using flash drive can sometimes lead to an infection; downloading files and videos is prone to cause an infection in increased percentage, which this ace security system is equipped to tackle with ease and convenience. Users have freedom to safeguard the games that they play online without worrying about any threats or interruptions.

Online chats or surfing through the various social networking is also vulnerable in causing an infection, but with Trend Micro users have complete peace of mind that the security of their computers is in safe hands.

Since its beginning, Trend Micro has always offered users the most innovative products and services to help their computers stay protected from threats that are known since time. Also, the efficient answer any user gets with this system is equipped to tackle even those upcoming threats that are more deadly than the existing ones.

Something that has further helped users in building that never ending trust is the Trend support that keeps everything covered. Offered by experts who are acknowledged, experienced and trained to resolve issues with utmost precision, there are no loopholes in this foolproof system.

At Trend help experts offer intelligent solutions that are backed with ace support and are not restricted by the bars of geography or language. With a tailored approach, experts offer unparalleled support to consumers’ based in any location. The user-centric approach at Trend Micro drives experts to offer solutions that are tailored and are offered after experts imagine themselves in the shoes of a client. Thus, the support is like something they would have expected when they were a client rather than a support expert at Trend Micro.

Visiting Facebook or other social networking sites can cause an infection, also playing games online can prove harmful, but with support from Trend Micro users now have complete freedom from all such issues that can hinder the functionality while surfing the web.

The Marriage Records Accessibility on the Internet

Michigan Marriage Records that are dated since 1867 can be found at the state's Division for Vital Records. Ordering this information normally requires a fee which is payable at the State of Michigan. This office accepts payments that are made through check, money order, or personal checks. It also accepts credit cards; however, the requester must pay for an additional charge.

In this state, marriages were recorded on a state level since 1867. This type of document is made open to anyone who wishes to obtain it for whatever reasons. Just make sure that your request form contains all the necessary details, as well as your signature, and the needed fee. The information regarding the groom's name is required if you wanted to acquire files for marriages that occurred since 1950-1975.

Apart from that, it's also a must to give other details such as the bride's full maiden name, the groom's full name, and the location where the event took place.

The County Clerk that issued the marriage license also stores this information. Thus, it's also a good venue to turn to for this matter. Basically, this file reveals the couple's personal particulars, their parents, witnesses, and the solemnizing officer. Furthermore, it contains relevant facts about the date and location of marriage.

Back in the old days, people request for this information via mail, phone, fax, or walk-in. Unlike the other options, the desired report is obtainable on the same day that you ask for it if you've made the request in-person. Just make sure that you handed the proper form to the in-charge by or before 3:00 pm.

This time, various governmental offices are also offering some services over the Internet.

Fortunately, gathering this information is now made easier and faster. All you need to have is a computer that has access to the Internet. As long as you have it, you just have to stay at home, start searching, and get the result that you need in no time. Yes, that means no more hassles; no more long waiting time whatsoever. Various online services are basically categorized into two: free-of-charge and fee-based.

It is through the Freedom of Information Act that Marriage Records are now accessible by the general public. Usually, the government provides this information for absolutely free. The only thing is that the kind of report that is obtained through those free services is usually inaccurate, incomplete, and unreliable. That is why paying for the service online is still worth it since it offers the best report ever for a mere one-time fee only.

Internet Marketing Tools - Which Autoresponder System is Best?

All successful home based internet marketing businesses use email to keep in touch with their list. You aren't going to want to do this all manually...fortunately one of the greatest internet marketing tools around is the autoresponder system! That's where you plug in your emails one time and they are sent out automatically by the!

So you are definitely going to want to have an autoresponder system. Which one do you choose? There are lots out there-people ask me all the time which I recommend...truth is every different auto responder service definitely has its strengths and its weaknesses.

Two of the biggest, most well-known and recommended are AWeber and 1ShoppingCart. Here is a brief comparison between AWeber and 1ShoppingCart and why you might choose one over the other-

Why use AWeber

One of the reasons to use AWeber for your lists is because you are more likely to have higher email deliverability than you are with 1ShoppingCart.

Deliverability is pretty important.

It simply means that more of the emails you send out get where they are intended. Not much point in sending out emails if they never make it to your subscribers inbox!

Price: you can get started for as little as per month

Why use 1ShoppingCart

1ShoppingCart is awesome because you have a shopping cart. You plug your merchant account right into 1ShoppingCart.

You can choose 1ShoppingCart just for the autoresponder capabilities or for the shopping cart...or you can combine the two. Pricing varies depending on what services you want.

I use both

I use both. I found that I consistently get higher deliverability with AWeber, but that 1ShoppingCart has more features.

Now, when I say use both, I don't mean at the same time for the same project! Stick with one or the other as far as for any individual project. Maybe for one product or would make sense to put people into AWeber, and for another it would make sense to put people into 1ShoppingCart.

People also ask me about ways to integrate the you can get the best of both worlds. To that I say stick with one or the other! Unless you feel like hiring a programmer and having them spend thousands of dollars on integrating the two. And if you do that, know that if either AWeber or 1ShoppingCart changes, all of your money gets flushed down the tube.

Testing deliverability

There's a cool service that you can use to measure your deliverability if you're a little bit more advanced, that is called Delivery Monitor.

Delivery Monitor,, is actually a service by will show you how much of your email is getting through-that is, what percentage of your email is getting through to people.

It's a very valuable tool, and you can use that to test your own deliverability.

When you are first starting out...look at the features each offers and see what fits your product or service best and start there. There are lots of things you are going to be learning, especially in the beginning, so focus on one of these internet marketing tools rather than trying to learn both from the get-go. Don't get caught up with technical details too much. These are both great tools and it is important that you get your business up and running so you are making money online!

Helpful Tips To Maximize Your System And Internet Speed

The computer has become an indispensable part of our lives. Who doesn't like getting immersed in the virtual world of entertainment and information, that is, obviously the Internet? By having access to the Internet, we get to know a lot of useful stuff, latest happenings from all around the world, and do a lot of exciting online activities. However, one annoying thing that most people complain is the slow Internet connection. When it comes to online activities, it is pretty clear that speed is of preponderant importance. Let me now try and bring out some useful tips that will help you speed up your Internet connection.

The first need that you can do is to check for the fastest Internet connection provider in your area. Preferably go for an Internet connection that works on a fiber-optic network technology. You may opt for any of the reliable Internet services like FiOS Internet.

They are normally faster than the DSL and Dial up connections. So this is probably one thing that you can think about.

Now you may try and refresh and clear up a few things on your PC. Run the disk defragment process, scan the disks, run your antivirus software and get rid of the virus and malware from your system. Then try to empty the unnecessary space in your system by deleting the unwanted old files and folders and also the temporary files. Then clear the recycle bin. Another important thing you need to do is to shift maximum number of files and folders from the C drive to any other drive. This is because less space in the C disc will directly affect the system's working speed. Ideally, make sure that your C drive has space that is about twice that of the RAM memory or little more than that. The main purpose of the above steps is to ensure that your system works at its maximum speed. Once the system speed is boosted it ultimately results in a quick Internet connection. And you may try using the free PC optimizer tools such as Registry cleaner or wise disk cleaner.

Another thing that you can do to boost up your computer speed is to check for multiple computer connections on the same network. When all the systems share the common Internet connection in a network it is highly possible that the speed may drop.

If your RAM is old, then you may have to upgrade it with a new RAM of more memory space. And check if your system hard disk needs to be upgraded or not. In addition to the above steps, you should also keep in mind that any solid device connected to your systems that carry data will get heated up over a period of time and lose its efficiency. In such case, you have to replace the old cable wires of your modem with the new ones.

Another thing that you can do on-the-go while working on your system is to press the keys ctrl, Alt, and Del. Once you do that, you will see the task manager popping up. With this bar, you can view the operations/tasks are currently running and the memory they consume for their operation. If there is any unnecessary task running then you may click on it and give 'End Task'. This will end the process and ultimately save more memory space for your RAM.

Furthermore, you may call up your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and check with them about the standard and quality of your Internet connection. If it is substandard then you can get a professional come to your home and fix it up for you.

Utilizing Internet Phone System To Reduce Operating Cost

In order to survive and compete effectively in such a tough business world today, it's a must for each company to find ways to reduce costs while still increasing productivity as much as possible. Although some kinds of costs are unavoidable to ensure the smooth operations, others are unneccesssary and can be restructured. While communications do create expenses, it does not have to be substantial. An internet phone system can support small enterprises in cutting their operating costs.


Traditional phone companies are no longer the only source for your communications needs. There are many companies now offering voice over the internet protocal, or Voip. The quality of the calls on these service providers has increased dramatically in the last few years.


The innovations in this industry are staggering.

One simple account can provide you with a toll free number, voice mail, call forwarding, which are basic services found with traditional phone companies. There are options like music while you wait, emailed voice mail and so much more. However, there are many more options you can add at little to no cost, such as coordinating all of your phone numbers into one main account.


Some of the internet phone systems even offer virtual offices. This is where it becomes interesting. A virtual office gives your small business a big business feel. Some companies even offer you the possibility to have a local number in a foreign country so your overseas clients or family can make a local call. This call is then forwarded to you cell or business at increadibly low costs. Your clients will feel as though they are calling a large corporation which will give you a competitive edge in your market place.


All of these features are often provided at very affordable prices which can, in some cases, substantially lower your overhead costs.

There is no special equiment needed and set up is quickly done. You do need to have high speed internet access at your place of business, which in today's world is a necessity.


In order to not only survive in this economy, you must find ways to strive. One way to do this is to outcommunicate your competitors. Another way is to set up systems and procedures to improve your and your entire staff's productivity.


Small business owners should take a serious look at internet phone systems as an alternative to traditional phone services. Your clients perception of your company will increase especially when you combine a VoIP service with a virtual office.